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Workshop #14 – Waka Envelope Clutch


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Workshop #13 – Serger Basics 101


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Workshop #9 – Floral Fabric Painting + Beginner Kit


Instructor : Shia Lyn – The Artsy Craftsy

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Workshop #1 – Basic Sewing 101 : Mobile Pouch + Beginner Kit


If you've never touched a sewing machine before, this workshop is the perfect fit for you! This workshop features sewing instructors Ching and Eileen from Maker's Habitat and a simple enough project to tackle the sewing machine.

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Workshop #8 – Picnic Basket + Beginner Kit


Create this adorable Picnic Basket! It's the perfect bag to tote things around and looks cute too. This workshop is for those with basic sewing machine knowledge and would like to learn new bag making skills.

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Workshop #11 – E-commerce Website


This workshop is not only limited to handmade products but to anyone who wishes to have an online presence.

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Workshop #3 – Mobile Photography


Taking good photos is essential in promoting your products and handmades. Register to this Mobile Photography workshop and get tips and tricks to styling your products for a good photo.

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Workshop #10 – Ribbon Embroidery + Beginner Kit


You'll learn how to thread the ribbons and add on embellishments to create petals and leaves.

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